Minimal urban EDC

Lightweight EDC which boasts with functionality, especially on the keychain. Both the Leatherman and the Leica are carried on the belt, the keychain in the front pocket and the Omega on the wrist, with this EDC I don't even require bringing a bag.

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You "EDC" binoculars?
33ww, short answer, yes!

Long answer, I've given EDC a lot of thought and I can see where you are coming from (binoculars do not safe a life..).
When it comes to a "need" I enjoy watching wildlife. I cycle every day to work (Netherlands!) and even though I don't spot wildlife every day, when I do, I usually wouldn't have binoculars with me. On a hike I think it's a no-brainer, so many interesting things to spot. You can also use it for reading signs in the distance, star gazing, find people at festivals.

One thing I really like about binoculars is that they never fail. They are robust and really good at their job, do not require a charge and are always ready. For me those are important aspects of EDC.

After that came the choice between binoculars and monoculars. Ideally I'd have both. I was really eyeing the Leica Monovids. Those are quite a bit easier to carry. But functionality wise and purely on image quality I could not justify the cost. Binoculars give a much better 3d sensation.

In the end, the trinovids are still really small; 9 by 4cm and 233grams, which is less than the leatherman wave. Can easily fit on the belt, in a pocket or in a bag. Similar to other tools, the best tool is the one you brought with you.
Omar Green ·
That's a very cool timepiece
Thanks man, I appreciate it. Very underrated watch I'd say!
Setrak S ·
Nice drop ! What are your small carabiners of choice here please ?
Thanks! That's the TEC Accesoires 25mm gateclip you can get them in mutliples. I've been using them for about 2 years now and they've been perfect for me. Cheers