9/18/2018 10 C's of Survival EDC

IT (age 33)
After going way overboard, to the point of having a 5-8lb pouch, I dialed it way back with the help of Dave Canterbury's 10 C's of Survival. I still kept any tools I used on a daily basis that could fit in the sheath. Everything else fits much more comfortably now.

For those curious, the 10 C's are as follows: Cutting, Combustion, Cover, Container, Cordage, Cotton Bandanna, Cargo Tape, Compass, Cloth Needle, Candling Device.

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Montana Actual ·
Very nice. Do you have a pouch you put them in, or a pack? Thank you for sharing the 10 C rule. Very helpful.
I used to have everything in a mix of the sheath and some Condor pocket pouch, but it became too much, so I switched to a Helikon-Tex Urban Admin pouch, but that's the one I kept stuffing to 5-8 lbs. That's when I dialed it back. The tape/blanket/notebook go in the back left pocket, the tac light/knife/tac pen clip to the front pockets, the bandanna and shades are in my front shirt pocket, and the s biners clip to belt loops. Only a couple things are actually in the front pockets and everything else is in the sheath. I promise it wears more comfortable than it looks there.
Montana Actual ·
I believe you. I manage to get a good loadout in my pockets all need., Comfortably. Most of it is not survival tools, but defense and just daily stuff. I have a bag for the 10 C's but it is far from the principal you have shown me. I am definitely going to tone it down a notch, since it all sits in a 5.11 rush 24, and I feel like I using a lot of space. I usually pack enough to set up cap for a couple days though. Military did that too me. I can never pack small lol.
To be honest, your entries inspired me to carry a little lighter haha. I have a bag, too, so no worries there. I kind of count it as "free reign" still, since it still carries alright. I blame mine on scouts and what my dad taught me while he was in the military lol. I don't regret any of it.