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Kershaw Concierge

There's nothing wrong with having statement pieces in your EDC, but there's a good chance you wouldn't want it to be your knife. With that said, you can still carry a discreet knife with eye-catching details from every angle. Kershaw teamed up with knife designer Dmitry Sinkevich to put his sleek, minimalist spin on the new Concierge. It has practical EDC features with modern gent's knife styling and subtle design cues you'll appreciate when you take a closer look.

Immediately upon handling the knife, you’ll notice the unique look and feel of its machined G10 handles. It offers the same light weight and grip you expect from a modern material like G10, but it also sports a woodgrain-like pattern you'd find on traditional knives. Since the Concierge features a secure liner lock mechanism, it allows for both sides of the handle to make the most of the machined G10 material. Instead of simply bolting a pocket knife to one side, Sinkevich-designed a unique inlaid pocket clip. This feature is easy to appreciate especially when using the knife. Since the clip is nearly flush with the scales, the clip stays completely out of the way allowing for a firm and comfortable grip. To add some extra grip, there’s a beefy jimped back spacer too.

The blade itself measures in at a reasonable 3.25” and features a sleek gray carbo-nitride coating on top of the 8Cr13MoV base steel. It deploys via a flipper mechanism that uses Kershaw’s KVT ball bearing system. A light press on the flipper lever, and the blade effortlessly opens with a single hand. Instead of an exposed screw, there’s a custom cap on the pivot that adds to the overall sleek appearance of the knife. The blade is a modified drop point with a gentle swedge on the top. The shape is quite versatile, ideal for slicing, cutting, and piercing tasks.

If you’re looking for a new EDC blade that’s easy to use, quick to deploy, and comfortable to carry, the Concierge is an excellent option. At just under 60 bucks, we believe it’s a tremendous value as well. You can add one to your collection at the link below!

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Andrei ·
Thumbs up for Belarusian knife designer Dmitry Sinkevich!
Brilliant knife!
The only thing to dream for is higher class steel, although 8Cr13MoV works pretty well.
Gorgeous knife, but a gent's knife with a 3.25" blade length? Here in NYC, if that gent was caught with one in his pocket, he's be spending the next few nights eating moldy bologna with American cheese on white bread and learning gang symbols in the downtown lock-up. Still, a really nice knife.
Montana Actual ·
Wth is up with the pocket clip? I will never understand how people carry knives with half of it protruding, or flashy and shiny AF. But this thing just looks like they invented a little to hard and went full retard.