NASA Inspired Carry

As the son of an Air Force officer, I have always been intrigued by aviation and human space exploration. Despite having difficulty in math, my dream was to become an aerospace engineer and design spacecraft that would one day take us to Mars! After almost failing freshman calculus, my academic advisor told me I wasn't cut out for engineering. I was devastated, but continued chasing my dream. I strived to make deans list every semester, and by my junior year, I had landed an internship at NASA's Johnson Space Center. During my time at JSC, I had the privilege of touring the T-38 trainer jets with astronaut Victor Glover. That day I realized I would chase an even bigger dream: becoming an astronaut. I applied to Officer Training School for a pilot slot, and after plenty of hurdles, was accepted! Currently at pilot training, my goal is to attend Test Pilot School and then apply to the astronaut corps. The items in my EDC are a constant reminder of my goal and everything I've overcome to get where I am today.

Items Shown:
-- Watch: Omega Speedmaster
-- Wallet: Montblanc Extreme 5CC
-- Knife: Victorinox Spartan PS
-- Pen: Fisher Astronaut AG7
-- Notebook: Field Notes Three Missions Apollo
-- Sunglasses: American Optical Original Aviators

Not Shown:
-- Phone: iPhone X
-- Keys: Campsnail paracord clip keychain

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I love, love, love that AG-7 Fisher pen, started carrying one 10 years ago and haven't looked back.
Wonderful story! Congratulations on getting where you wanted in life! I'm in college trying to figure out what my dreams actually are and your story was quite refreshing to read.
If you can dream, you can make it... man, I admire you for chasing you dream and to be tenacious, go forward, be strong and never quit!!!