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MecArmy EK3R Slipjoint

Bernard Capulong
MecArmy EK3R Slipjoint

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Depending on where you work or live, your options for an EDC knife can be pretty limited. You've got to consider blade length, how it locks (if at all), and if it'll draw unwanted attention when you use it. This usually means a keychain knife, which can be too small for some tasks, or a traditional knife with an outdated design and materials. Luckily the MecArmy EK3R measures up as a full-sized albeit compact knife option with a non-locking slipjoint mechanism and low profile styling that makes it a viable modern carry option even in the strictest locales.

Between its length and low profile, the EK3R falls in the sweet spot between keychain knife and full-sized folder as a dedicated compact EDC. It's 3.8" long when closed, and its stainless steel handles bring the knife's thickness down to just 0.5" overall. The Sandvik 12C27 steel blade comes in at 2.65", clearing the common sub-3" length restriction while giving you plenty to work with. The upswept wharncliffe blade shape offers all-around utility and manages most light EDC tasks. A larger thumb hole takes the place of a nail nick to make its two-handed operation deploy the blade in a literal snap thanks to its non-locking slipjoint mechanism.

Unlike lots of traditional slipjoint knives, the EK3R boasts all-metal construction and an included clip for tip down, deep-pocket carry. You can remove the clip to keep the knife as discreet as possible and make use of its lanyard hole for easier retrieval, too. The EK3R is available with a plain stonewashed handle or opt for either a "curl" or "skull" patterned laser-engraved handle at the link below.

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Darren Tong ·
Tip up would have been nice. But i guess its ok for this as it would not be my main blade. Maybe even take the clip off
J.S. Leonard ·
I think probably the most modern slip joint made today is by Three Rivers Manufacturing they do the Nomad and the atlas I highly recommend checking out both of those though The Nomad is becoming hard to find since they released the atlas.