EDC Version 5.0

Todd Davis
Springfield, MA
I always carry these items in the same place on me each day. I always wear Duluth Trading Company Firehose cargo pants. This is my latest update of my EDC. It is also backed up with a 5.11 RUSH 12 Backpack as an EDC Bag.

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Ryan LeClair ·
I was thinking about getting one of those notebook covers but I am unsure that it would fit my evidence notebook. the ones my employer issues are 3.5'' x 5'' and 1/2 an inch thick would this size fit?
Todd Davis ·
Pretty sure that the largest that will fit is 3x5.
Okay, you have piqued my curiosity... What, pray tell, is a "File of LIfe"?
Todd Davis ·
A listing of all your medical history, medications, allergies as well as your demographic info and emergency contacts. This allows you to provide that info quickly and easily during any medical emergency, even when you cannot speak for yourself.
Good to go-- I sort of figured as much but wanted to ask in case there was more to it than meets the eye.

Great idea. My phone has that info accessible from the locked home screen, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have a backup (for example you get in a car wreck and your phone flies out of the wreckage, or you get mugged of your phone and beaten badly...). Now you have me thinking--- I might have to make myself one.
Todd Davis ·
Better to have the paper version, Not everyone knows how to access the info on different phones. Even if you are awake and alert, people get very nervous when they are in a medical emergency and cannot remember some of the basic info.