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WESN Titanium Micro Knife

Bernard Capulong
WESN Titanium Micro Knife

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Sometimes the biggest surprises come from the smallest knives. While it may look like it belongs on your keychain, the WESN Titanium Micro Knife is a bona fide EDC blade, complete with features you wouldn't expect on a knife this small. It doesn't skimp on materials, performance, or carry options. Packing a flipper deployment, pocket clip, titanium scales, and a locking blade that's built for EDC use into its tiny design is no small feat, but the WESN gets the job done.

The entire WESN knife might be smaller than just the blade on your current EDC at just 2.25” long when closed, but don't count it out. Its 1.5” AUS8 stainless steel blade deploys in a flash by way of either a thumb stud or the much-welcomed flipper tab on a knife this small. The shape of the modified drop point blade maximizes the cutting edge, giving you a lot more to work with than you'd expect for a smaller blade. Once deployed, the blade locks up into a stainless steel frame lock — a secure and convenient alternative to slipjoints and back locks. The flipper tab also acts like a finger guard to let you really put the knife to work. 

The WESN isn't just compact, it's lightweight and durable too thanks to its grade 5 titanium handle. The entire knife weighs just one ounce, making it a breeze to carry whether you use its included pocket clip or make use of its lanyard attachment hole. For a more premium carry option, slip it into its matching, made in the USA leather sheath. A knife this compact can be extremely versatile in your setup as a primary blade, a backup, a keychain option, or even as a makeshift moneyclip. You can pick one up on Amazon at the link below.

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Charles P ·
I own this knife, and bought one both for me and my wife while it was still on Kickstarter . It's a great little "pocket backup" and fun to flip open (kinda like a fidget device or something). It's very sturdy and comfortable to carry.
Antei ·
I was (and still) one of kickstarter backers of this project. And I'm still waiting for this knife (and some other stuff) since February 2018 when I supposed to became a happy(?) owner of it. I hadn't received (until today) neither knife itself nor quick release keychain. Comments on Kickstarter shows I'm not alone with this problem. For me this project supposed to became a good little EDC knife but turns out as a little big disappointment.
theshipagent ·
i got one on kickstarter for my wife’s keychain, it’s a great knife for people who don’t know knives ...extremely overpriced
Looks like a clone of the CIVILWARE Striker minus the functional blade shape.
Ned Frederick ·
I bought the WESN Micro Knife when it was first available in March. I am a fan and carry it frequently. But I had to put a lot of effort into getting it to open correctly and smoothly. Also, the liner lock would not engage fully initially. Out of the box, my main issue had to do with a catch between the blade and the post in the area where the flipper slides over it. It was totally locked up, not just resistant to opening. The blade metal in the problem area was uneven and rough and catching on the post. I spent about an hour working the problem area with some GatorGrit and I was able to eliminate the catch that was locking up the blade from rotating about the post. Honestly, I see this as a QC issue rather than a design issue. It was very rough and there was an edge biting into the spot on the post where it needed to just slide. Opens smoothly now.
There is also an unrelated problem with the liner lock clicking when the blade is open but not locking. If I give the blade a bit more encouragement (i.e., opening it even further) I get a second click and the liner engages. I know to do that now, but I would be concerned with other users hearing that first click and thinking the liner had locked in place. This may also have to do with that part of the blade being a bit uneven preventing the liner from finding that sweet spot and locking the blade. But it seems more to do with the user (me) just not knowing to rotate the blade a bit further. On the other hand that premature click is not good and may give users erroneous feedback on the state of locking.