My Grandfather's EDC (State Revenue Officer)

For those who don't know, a revenue officer (in the 50's & 60"s) spent their time driving down dirt roads, back woods and swamps busting up moonshine stills, arresting and chasing bootleggers.
Everything here was my Grandfathers, except of course for the cigar, but he always had one as he was an avid cigar smoker, so I thought I'd include it.

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That's the coolest EDC I've seen in a very long time! The .38 is a beautiful pistol and I love the sap. Simply awesome!
a man is not really dressed without a sap.
Thanks guys! Wanted to do something a little out of the norm as I've already posted my EDC photo, which doesn't change that much.
Definitely lots of history and stories in there. He had a little pocket notebook with mapped locations of stills that he used to carry, but I couldn't find it.
This is very neat, thank you for sharing

The sap is a noteworthy item. I think folks have lost sight of the fact that up until about 25 years ago the sap, blackjack, or night stick were heavily relied upon tools in a law enforcement officers carry. Ironically, criminals being beaten into submission fell out of favor for being too "brutish", and by default the firearm became the go-to tool, which of course is a lethal option.
Very cool. There's a lot of history there.