The Streets Of New York City

New York, NY
How ya doin'? Greetin's from New York City. Here's my take on things:

I follow a few basic rules: I always carry something to keep me warm (or cool); something to keep me dry; something to eat; something to stay hydrated; and something to keep me whole, i.e., first aid. I stick with what works, and what's practical. I spend money where it makes sense. I spent $125 on my Coach wallet, ten years ago, and it continues to serve me well. My eyeglasses are titanium frames that cost me $500 fifteen years ago; I've had the prescription updated twice since. I don't need a $400 knife or $200 sunglasses, or any of the trendy stuff. There are some truly great artisans out there, but I'll leave that to the collectors.

My wallet, keys, and mobile phone go on my person, and the rest I throw in an Everki Glide backpack. I throw in a down or fleece jacket (in a stuff bag, unless I'm wearing it), a weather shell in another stuff bag, an umbrella if I think I need it. I always have a ziploc with around 1000 calories in it: trail mix (that I make), Epic meat bars, ProBars, etc., so two small meals or one large one. This all weighs in at around 12 to 13 pounds, so I barely know it's there. The non-descript backpack allows me to blend into the crowd and look like every other guy on the street...a big plus factor in any kind of chaos.

Remember that one's choice of clothing is as much a part of EDC as the gear one carries. I believe in dressing for the weather, not the trip. I also believe that there is no such thing as 'bad weather', only inadequate clothing. Having said that, I dress fairly simply: chinos or jeans, a sturdy belt, a comfortable shirt, and I layer appropriately...polypropylene as a base layer, long in winter, short in summer...DRY is key. Fleece or wool next, then a shell; down only on the coldest days, hats for warmth or shade, gloves to keep the hands intact, mittens on the coldest days. Shoes get their own paragraph.

Let's face it, our feet take a pounding. Good shoes are vital to any mission, whether slogging through a wilderness, or going to the corner for a quart of half-n-half. Take the time to do your own research and find out who is making the best shoes, and why. The internets are good for this kind of thing. Choose based on where you will use them, and when: low and light and well-ventilated in warm, dry climes, and sturdier and insulated and perhaps waterproof in wet or cold seasons. Weight is critical; nothing will wear you out faster than shoes that are too heavy for your fitness level. (And speaking of fitness, GET SOME.)

Then go to a reputable store and find someone who knows what they're talking about, and try on some of what you want. Walk around the store as long as it takes to convince yourself that a reasonable 'break-in' period will result in a decent fit and wear-ability. If you have ANY misgivings about width or length, if your foot slides front-to-back, if anything pinches, or the foot bed doesn't feel right, move on to another pair. Don't let sales people pressure or bullshit you. Only listen to them if they echo what you've read already. You'll know when you find the right pair.

So that's my rant. Do I always have what I need? No. But seriously? This is NYC...how far could it be to the next bottle of water? The next bodega, Duane Reade, or urgent care clinic? And the NYPD and FDNY are among the finest anywhere, so in true emergencies, we're in very good hands.

Hope you all are well and happy with your gear, but constantly reassessing and reconsidering and fine-tuning your load, but also learning how to use and make do with what you have. As Mors Kochanski has said, "The more you know, the less you carry."

Vikinglander (like the spacecraft)

Ready? We are.

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Nwprepped ·
nice kit! do you carry all of that in a bag?
Vikinglander ·
Hey NWPrepped! Yes, I use an Everki Glide backpack. I wrote up a whole spiel when I posted the photo, as well as comments on each item, but the site seemingly might not allow you all to see that. Let me know if you can, please? Thanks...
You would have to click on the Title to see your whole text/description. I fear usually noone does it here scrolling through all these edc pics... Wow you wrote a lot man ^^