Questionable Bag Carry

Mr Crabs
North Carolina, USA
This one is named mostly for the addition of the Silencerco Osprey 45 that is always in the bag with the pistol. While everything aside from the Glock is geared towards being able to use my electronics for my enjoyment, the silencer is there for those times when I leave work early, swing by Wally World and grab a few boxes of 9mm, and hit up the range. It's the perfect companion for my gun.

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Montana Actual ·
Finally, someone with a threaded barrel that carries their suppressor in their bag.
Mr Crabs ·
LOL, there are days I ask myself how why I'm packing it, but that thought never stops me from putting it in the bag. There have been at least a dozen times I've had the opportunity to explain (with example) the merits of a suppressor, that they are legal in my current state, and they are a riot to shoot.