Minimal carry

Florida, USA
When discretion is of the utmost and pocket carry isn’t your thing...

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Thanks for your service.

Mind if I ask which branch?

My life went a different direction, but I've always admired folks like you.
Thanks homie... No I don't mind at all. It's the Air Force.
I also carried like this when I was on post. I felt bad for single soldiers living in barracks, because they can't have firearms in the barracks. I always lived off post for that reason.
once upon a time in a former life, I knew a guy in the barracks who hid and carried his gun despite the heavy consequences of getting caught. allegedly he's still loosely interpreting rules to his own gain...
lol. We had barracks inspections on the regular... and not just the NCO type. MP's would bring dogs in all the time. So, I just got a spot right off post and they forced me to keep a barracks room and take out money for the DFAC food. So while married couples get compensated, I got nothing. Still, easily affordable. I sucked it up when I was in Germany, but once I got back to the states I felt 'murican again.
Right on man. Ours were never that bad, otherwise I would've rethought my actions, lol.
You’re allowed to carry on post and in uniform? Did the Air Force modify its regulations on this subject? The Army hasn’t quite caught up.
Nope, not on post. The ability to carry in a uniform isn't specifically addressed with us. However, I wasn't on post at the time of this picture.