Simple CCW EDC

Simple, compact and comfy EDC setup, carrying 33 rounds of freedom! #merica!

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hey I just got done taking several classes from some pretty awesome guys in the Firearms industry and one of the big things that came up in discussion was carrying a spare mag. across the board they all agreed that it's more important to carry a tourniquet then it would be to carry a spare mag. And the reasoning behind that is you are more likely to need the tourniquet then you are to ever need a spare mag.and I think I have to agree with that it's just not needed to carry that extra weight of a spare mag when there's just no chance of you truly needing it. when they broke it down to us in our courses the statistics clearly showed that there's not a need for a spare mag for a civilian CCW but the need of a tourniquet was quite surprising. https://www.ems1.com/ems-products/Bleeding-Control/articles/95472048-Public-use-of-tourniquets-bleeding-control-kits/
I do carry a c.a.t. along w some chest seals in a trauma kit in my edc bag.

I absolutely agree w your sentiments.
But more importantly is carrying the right tourniquet a SOF-T or a CAT tourniquet were the tourniquets most recommended and the RAT was the one that they all said pretty much stay away from. Along with that get proper trauma training and training on how to properly apply a tourniquet.
Simple? It's pretty much not even a Glock anymore lol.
guilty! i guess i was describing the ease of carry and rds being easy.