3 Ti Mice...3 Ti Mice....

J.S. Leonard
If you haven't given a small knife a chance you really need to start looking into Mouse knives. You don't have to go super expensive you can go with something like the StatGear Pocket Samurai in titanium or if you want to save a few bucks you they offer an aluminum as well. You can get in the door on one of those in the $25 range. All pocket samurais come in 440C blades. Then you move into my favorite mouse knife, the Spyderco McBee which is a Jonathan Mcnees design. You step up in price on this one, but you also step up and build quality and materials. The McBee is a titanium handled and hardware knife that has some incredible features on it as well as an XHP blade. Don't let it's incredibly tiny size fool you. This knife is more useful than you could imagine. Jonathan put a lot of thought into the design of this knife and the different curves in the blade allow you to have different methods of holding it and finger placement, to turn this thing into just a slicing machine. Because of its small size it makes carrying an absolute dream. I don't use the pocket clip, I just drop it into my pocket and carry it in that fashion and I really don't even know it's there. As a side note for this knife I wouldn't recommend removing the pocket clip because it does aid in maintaining a good grip on the knife when opening. Then we move into the higher end with the Benchmade 756 Micro Pocket Rocket by Shane Sibert. You're probably going to want to pull out your checkbook for this one they come in around $340, though I was able to score mine for an incredible NIB $225 out the door. This is another knife that is made from incredible materials such as titanium, bearings and a 20CV blade. It's a Benchmade so you know it comes with a rock-solid warranty and is built to last. There's a few reviews out there that say there were issues with the knife, I can't really say that I've had any at all because I realize the knife isn't a full size tactical or survival knife it's a mouse knife that was designed to be an EDC knife not a tactical or survival knife. What I mean by saying EDC knife. I mean let's be honest everyone, 99.9% of all of us that EDC and knife use it for three things 1.Open packages that have more knives, flashlights, pens etc... to feed our addiction. 2. Open mail. 3 Occasional minor food prep. The 756 as well as the Pocket Samurai and the McBee are all fully capable of all three and then some. So don't let the size fool you because it is incredibly overbuilt but at the same time it is extremely useful. The 756 is yet another slicing machine. Though I will agree that the McBee is a better slicer due to blade design and blade stock. I've gotten into the dilemma that I normally will carry the 756 and the McBee at the same time, because they are both incredible knives and I love using both of them. It also doesn't hurt that they are phenomenally good-looking knives that do complement each other. But an interesting thing that I have discovered since I've been carrying mouse knives is that I've realized a lot of the knives I own or just two months knife for true EDC. I've rarely if at all since I've been carrying a mouse knife needed a larger knife. I'm not saying shun the larger knife by all means continue to buy carry and collect. But what I am saying is don't dismiss these tiny in size but gargantuan and capability knives. So do yourself a favor and go out there and jump into the world of the mouse knife. Be warned though, once you go down that rabbit hole it's a long hard trip to get out of. I'll let you know when I find my way back out.

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All you need now is a Spyderco Techno!