Ultralight 3.0

Washington, District of Columbia
Ultralight 3.0 (black Friday upgrades) - this is my carry when I'm going without a bag. Usually, jeans on the weekend.

I love the monkey tool for opening letters, bottles, or oranges, etc. It lives in my nomadic wallet. The wallet rides in the front pocket and I usually clip the keysmart rugged to the outside band.

Usually carry Burts bee's in the winter cus this stuff is excellent.

The Hitch and Timber slip now holds a Victorinox Pioneer with my initials engraved, a Trekker space pen cus bullets are too common, a super mini and bright Olight on a keysmart mag connect (allows the light to have a magnetic base and remove without too much fuss).

If I carry a bag, I ditch the hitch...

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