Blue Ti Carry

Draftsman (age 48)
Pittsburg, CA

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Great gear! Nice color coordination. Very professional looking setup. Nice job!
Thanks Scott, after a year of an all black carry I wanted a change.
I am feeling the same way ;)

Might look into cowhide leather and some silver/titanium as well in the future. Just sucks cuz the light I want is the OLIGHT S1 Baton Titanium Bead Blasted and they only made 5k of them. Next option for me is the Olight S1R II Winter edition or the Klarus Mi7 Titanium 700LM
I know what you mean about the light. Not sure how many Olight S15 Batons in bead blasted finish were made but it took me 3 months to track one down. The light and the waffle pattern titanium Swiss Bianco scales for my SAK were hard to find.
Hi Rene. Awesome EDC. Where did you get the beads for your paracord?
TI-EDC 5PCS Titanium 11mm Knife/Zipper Pull Jewelry Paracord / Lanyard Beads (Blue) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L467U52/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_bzGlCbPWMPPTT?tag=bg999-20
Very nice loadout especially that knife and bar. Where did get that pry bar?
Thanks Justin!! The pry bar is called a K.I.T (Knife Guys Tool). You can find them on Facebook or Instagram.