Winter Carry

I will add more later with a better photo. Belt, watch, etc...

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Mark ·
Love the HK P7,Tom and thank you for your service.
Montana Actual ·
The only reason I like that gun is because it was in "Die Hard". But for the price, I'd rather have an STI 2011 or a Wilson Combat. Definitely would never EDC this gun. Just out of curiosity, how ridiculous was it to obtain a concealed carry in CA? And why EDC the HK P7?
Once you shoot a P7 and see how it works I think you would love to carry it. There is no other pistol that I know of that has the P7s combination of safety, accuracy and reliability. It doesn't hurt that the trigger is amazing. I have had it for a while so it has appreciated quite a bit. It's a B grade former German Polizei gun with plenty of wear so I'm not worried about hurting it much. STIs and Wilson Combat's are awesome. I dont think I could part with my P7 to be able to afford one though. You can apply for a CCW in CA. It depends on the Sheriff in the County you apply for the permit on if you will get one. Some are much more pro CCW than others (like LA and San Fran)
Montana Actual ·
Can I borrow yours? ;)

I have heard things about the mag release that would make me want to never carry it, and also the malfunctions caused by the gas blowback hole.

Definitely a fan. But the Rarity of it would make me sceptical of carrying it everyday.
J.S. Leonard ·
I'm a STI fan just as much as anybody else, but the P7 is the one you would rather have. It's more reliable and more accurate for an everyday carry or combat / service gun. Then on top of that if you are ever just hard up for cash you always make money on the P7.
Montana Actual ·
Totally agree. Just a bit rare for me to EDC.
J.S. Leonard ·
Just a tool, an expensive tool, and you gotta use your tools regardless.
J.S. Leonard ·
Oh hellz yeah a P7!!!!! There's a P7M8 complete with original case papers into spare mags at my LGS ($2800.00). Is part of the owner's private collection but he has it on display along with a bunch of other HK's... MP5SD, MP5K, GS-9 Etc...but I just don't have the play money right now to buy it. I'm not gun poor and definitely not pistol poor so it would just be a huge toy / want more than it would be anything else. I'm going to kick myself later down the road if I don't get it because it is a unicorn gun and the M8 is even harder to come by.
Festus ·
IMHO, the P7 is the most innovative pistol designs in 100 years, it is a shame that they are no longer being produced and are so ungodly expensive.

Personally, I would like to see Glock buy this patent and incorporate the cocking mechanism into a polymer frame. I think it would solve, what in my opinion is the biggest flaw of the Glock design, which is the passive trigger safety. While I like the trigger on my Glocks, accidental discharge is no myth.

The P7 patent is only collecting dust in a filing cabinet since the nobody is producing the design anymore. Glock has the deep pockets and R&D to make it work.