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Festus ·
Big fan of the 360PD. What do you carry in it?
Pangea Designs ·
Speer gold dots, short barrel :)
Festus ·
Great choice. .357 or .38 Spl? I have a Ruger LCR, with the Hogue Boot Grip. I have a hard time keeping hold of the gun with magnum rounds. I found the Speer Gold Dot .38 Spec +P short barrel were a good compromise between power and keeping the gun in my hand.
Pangea Designs ·
I shoot the .357’s. Try some VZ g10 checkered grips, they’re very grippy. .357 out of an 11oz gun will rock your world, but yet the gun never slips in my hand.
Festus ·
VZ doesn’t have grips for the LCR. I like the grip I have for its size, I can cover the whole gun with my hand, it conceals well. But I can barely get my ring finger on the grip let alone my pinky. One time firing magnums I actually lost grip of the gun, and it would have gone flying if not for the trigger guard. I am going to try the new Pachmayr Guardian grip.