My pants are too damn heavy EDC

Burgerflipper (age 49)
United States
Hope I never fall in a lake....

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BigCountryScott ·
I too have pockets loaded with EDC gear. I think I need professional therapy to trim down my gear. People say I can live for days just from things I carry in my pockets.
BurgerBuddy ·
I think it's ok to carry whatever you want if it makes you feel good. I feel good when I have lots of junk in my pockets. :)
6881240 ·
I use old snus containers for so much stuff!
BurgerBuddy ·
They're great, aren't they! Comfortable in the pocket too! I use it for my meds.
Well, it seems your EDC May have more objects than you actually ‘EDUse’, consider, you’ve three blades there, one in the multitool, one in the SAK, and one in the Buck 110. You’d save a lot of weight not carrying the Buck and still have two blades (3 really ‘cause the SAK has two).

Just an example of saving weight. We all like to have a backup, but, think about how many backups you need.
BurgerBuddy ·
I've tried other knives but I always go back to the 110. It just feels like a quality tool and it makes me feel good. Plus, it's the best of the bunch for cleaning wild game. The SAK is mostly for sentimental reasons. That knife has been with me cross country and back on a motorcycle trip, and countless fixes before I owned the Leatherman, plus I keep the SAK (and 110) clean for food purposes. The Leatherman blade is my true "tool" used for cutting dirty nasty things. The name of this EDC was basically just a joke - it's not that heavy really, and the heaviest stuff rides on my belt anyway (actually there're a few more things I didn't show for various reasons). :)
Do you honestly carry all this . . . in your pockets?
If so, why?
BurgerBuddy ·
Some is on my belt. I also wear a warm Carhartt vest in the winter that carries some of this stuff. My pants have lots of well-designed pockets (Tru-spec 24/7 pants). Really, you wouldn't know I had all this in my pockets if you saw me. It carries well. Plus, there are a couple items I carry I didn't show in the photo for various reasons. Why do I carry it all... some for utility, some for sentimental reasons, and some because it simply makes me feel good.