The Essentials

Essential items I carry in my pockets every day. Knife changes daily so I can include other favorites in my rotation. I handmade the knife scales as well as the leather wallet and journal cover - it's fun to carry items that you made yourself. I also have several other essential items like a first aid kit, multitool, etc. in a SOG Ninja Daypack that I carry with me to work.

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The grip on that tenacious is lovely. What's going on here?
Thanks Jasper! Got these resin scales as blanks on Ebay and built them to fit the Tenacious in the wood shop.
Damn, I was hoping you were going to send me a link! Looking for something for a UKPK but can hardly find anywhere doing them. Certainly not nice ones!
Agreed! This guy seems like he has some cool scales and has done them for a couple UKPKs. https://g10.lt/