Upgraded Everyday Carry

Here's my updated EDC. I recently bought a smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy one to pair with my S8. The watch is one of the most useful pieces of tech I own, the main feature for me is seeing my notifications on my watch. I've tried several different truly wireless earbuds but the Jabra Elite 65t is the best because of all of the features and the compact size, I never leave home without them. I carry a neck knife with me all the time, I like it because it doesn't take up any room in my pockets. My keys haven't changed, it's still on a carabiner with a keysmart to organizer my keys. The fisher bullet space pen is an oldie but a goodie and is the only thing that hasn't changed in my EDC for a while besides my car keys.

Note: My phone was used to take the photo, the case is a representation of my S8

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