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EAGTAC D3A Titanium Flashlight

Mikey Bautista
EAGTAC D3A Titanium Flashlight

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When it comes to EDC flashlights, there's a certain magical combination of features that causes an unavoidable attraction. The flashlight where compatibility, collectibility, and color converge is one that's sure to capture more than a few enthusiasts' hearts. The EAGTAC D3A is one of those lights. With a sleek titanium shell, top class tint, and the ability to take on multiple power sources, not only can it take on your everyday lighting needs with confidence and convenience, it looks damn good while doing it, too.

The D3A is the latest in EAGTAC's “D” line of popular EDC lights, prized equally for their versatile performance and compact form factor. The D3A continues the line by adopting design cues on the outside and supercharging its performance within. Its shell is CNC-machined from titanium and brass, polished to an eye-catching mirror finish. Cooling fins etched into the head and a diamond knurling pattern round out the D3A's design.

It's in the electronics where the D3A gets the biggest upgrades. It all starts with a new A750 RC LED driver. It features high efficiency, versatile modes across the board, and most importantly, supports 14500 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. This allows you a higher voltage fuel source when you need to eke out a bit more lumens and runtime, while still offering the convenience of a common AA battery. The driver powers a cutting-edge Nichia 219C emitter with a 92 CRI rating—currently one the highest and most accurate color renderings you can get on a flashlight. The light's 4 default levels are controlled via twisting the head or via its rear (glow in the dark!) clicky switch, with a top end of 353 lumens for 1 hour on High and a max runtime of over 150 hours on its 2-lumen Low setting.

As with all EAGTAC flashlights, there's plenty of versatility with the D3A's outputs, with programmable last mode memory and lower Low settings available to more discerning users. And carrying the light is just as flexible thanks to an included clip, compact 2.9” length, and an included rigid nylon holster. Check out EAGTAC's latest and greatest EDC light at the Amazon link below.

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