What I've been carrying at work lately.

Pigeon Forge, TN
I realized carrying a full size screw driver for my job is too damn useful. It is the most light weight 6in1 I could find and it was 3 bucks.

I also decided to go back to the streamlight for work over the olight since it fits much better in my shirt pocket.

Everything else has pretty much been the same, probably wont ever be without the leatherman wave as it is probably my most used item. And I'm still enjoying the delica 4.

Nothing to exciting but I hope you enjoy.

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That is what a pocket notebook is supposed to look like if its actually carried. LOL
Not just out of the Amazon packaging.
Yeah it gets used quite a bit I'm a very forgetful human lol
Nice carry! Add some duct tape and your gear is complete! Seriously though, you carry stuff that you probably use everyday and that is the best EDC gear you can have, stuff you actually need and use. Good job!
Yeah it can be bulky at times but the good outweighs the bad. Thanks