Picture taken with my Samsung Galaxy S8

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What Vape juice are you rocking?

Cheap. lol. It's Tailor House Honey Crunch 3mg. 6mg is too harsh and it's the only one I like.
Is that a leather man crunch? What size magazine holster did you use?
Gerber MP600, old style with replaceable parts. The mag pouch is a 9mm single stack from Amazon.
Is the pockit pro worth the money in your opinion ?
It's bulky even for a back pocket carry, and the zipper pouch in the back does not get used for that reason. I do like it, and it's well made, but it's bulky as I kind of expected.I find myself using my RFF rite in the rain one with just a pen holder a lot more, because I can just open in and write instead of pulling the notepad out and having to try and rest it on something. I will show my RFF one in the next post eventually once I update my EDC.
Thanks BD . Probably just saved me some money .
They have other pockits available that are smaller. I just wanted one for my notepad so I took a leap.