November 2014


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Moto 360 bros! My favorite watch!
High five! Did you buy a darker watchband or did you dye it?

I'm not quite sure how long I'm willing to use two phones but I really like the Moto 360! But if I stop using the crappy Moto E, I have to stop using the Moto 360 and I know I'm gonna miss it. But that's probably not happening anytime soon :).
No I didn't dye it, I have the silver finish with the grey strap, but I sweat so much where I live that it made the band dark. I actually get a "ring" of the dye in the leather around my wrist when i take it off at the end of the day.
Haha, I see. You dyed it naturally.
What phone (OS) do you prefer at the moment?
I'm not using Android 5.0 yet but from what I've seen I really like how it looks. Nevertheless, I'm a heavy iOS user and think it's always been much better than Android.