Black edition

Jacob Hernandez
Detroit, Michigan
This is my first themed EDC. Before I bought the Gerber center drive I had no idea what an EDC was. I just knew I carried some stuff with me everyday for work or just going out. The Gerber center drive is perfect for me with it's one handed open knife, screwdriver, and pliers. I use it a lot at work for boxes, fixing tools, and pulling out caulk from old gutters. The notebook and pen I only recently started carrying to keep track of my hours and the amount of work I get done in the day. Handy if I want to look back at what I did and how long it took. I want to buy the Gerber impromptu pen but haven't gotten around to it just yet. For now the pilot g2 works just fine. The bit set came with my Gerber center drive and works perfectly for me. I only carry those four things on weekdays however as I don't need them for outside of work. Everything else is stuff that's absolutely essential. I need a case on my phone and the Spigen slim fit is perfect. Slim and tough. The Zippo isn't for smoking but I have friends who do and sometimes they don't have lighters on them. I also use it for burning nylon rope I've just cut and starting fires as I'm almost always at a bonfire on the weekends during summer and fall. I love the barbill wallet by Gerber because it's just so thin and lightweight. It hold small amounts of cash when I needed it to as well as the 4 cards I carry regularly. The Gerber swagger knife is meant for outside of work as it's not needed when I have the center drive on me. It's the perfect size, cheap, and comes in handy for the small cutting jobs I need it for.
Finally the key holder by Zak tools is great as I wear a black nylon belt and it slides on and off incredibly easily. Thank you for reading.

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