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Nitecore P18

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Mikey Bautista
Nitecore P18

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A modern EDC light often tries to do it all, and sometimes, to a fault. It's hard to strike a balance between size, features, and power, which results in a solid flashlight for general use but isn't the best at any particular function. So when building the P18 for a tactical purpose, Nitecore zeroed in on the features that would matter the most. And thanks to the brand's pedigree of purpose-built lights, the P18 has the fit, finish, and functionality befitting a light you need to depend on.

Taking cues from its unibody keychain brothers, the P18 comes with a die-cast unibody cut from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. The single-piece construction gives it better structural integrity compared to multi-part tubes, while the shape offers a better usability by way of a more comfortable grip, anti-roll shape, and a narrower profile to ease deployment from your pocket. The business end of the P18 has slots for its main Cree XHP35 HD LED and auxiliary red LED, while the rear section has two discrete buttons for activating each of its outputs. A screw-down battery compartment next to the main switch holds the light's included IMR 18650 3100 mAh battery.

The P18 isn't wanting for power or runtime between its 5 main modes. Turbo gives its a 1800-lumen output, while Ultralow is 1 lumen with a runtime of 220 hours. You also get 3 special modes which include SOS, beacon, and a random strobe pattern. All 8 of these modes are controlled via the silent rear switch, with momentary on/Turbo and direct access to Ultralow. The discrete button on the P18's underside activates its 10-lumen red LED, acting as both a night vision-friendly light and a battery indicator.

Machined grooves in different patterns run the length of the P18's 4.15” body, giving improved grip even when wearing gloves while retaining a form factor that rivals the smallest 18650 flashlights on the market. IP65-rated water resistance and 1 meter of impact protection gives it ample protection even in tough environments, while still carrying light at 3.65 ounces with a removable pocket clip for EDC.

Nitecore's precision never fails to produce some of the best purpose-built lights for any duty, and the P18 certainly fits the bill. Add this compact tactical powerhouse to your carry by clicking on the Amazon link below.

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Rich Rogan ·
I am in agreement with Chris. For me it needs a lock out of some type though. I can forego a usb port but a lock out i think is needed. I bought one any way!
Chris ·
I like the design of this light. This has a lot going for it, particularly the red secondary, a high output while still maintaining a 1 lumen low, runs off a 18650 cell, pocket Clip, etc.
The downsides: The user interface is odd, but more importantly, it’s only IP56...what the heck? Don’t drop it in a puddle of water. The price is also a bit high for what it is.