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Father's Day Gift Idea: Deejo Customizable Knives

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Father's Day Gift Idea: Deejo Customizable Knives

It can be hard to find the right gift for the dad who has everything, and that’s doubly true if he already has a reliable everyday carry gear collection of his own. That’s where the sheer amount of customization options available with every Deejo knife shines. Being able to gift your father something special, something uniquely his own this Father’s Day is more important than ever. From cosmetic changes to the composition of the handle to full-on art designs engraved onto the blade itself, every aspect of the knife can be tuned to Dad’s preference, giving him a gift to remember for years to come.

A minimal and lightweight aesthetic is at the heart of every Deejo design, but its 3.7" 420 stainless steel blade is more than capable of tackling most everyday tasks, thanks to its slim profile and versatile blade shape with its long edge. The ultra lightweight, skeletonized frame doubles as a secure liner lock during the cut, setting it apart from most non-locking slipjoint gent’s knives.

But what sets the Deejo knife apart is the ability to use the customization tool on the My Deejo site to customize nearly every aspect of the knife from its looks, its materials, and even its weight to exactly what you and Dad prefer. For example, you can pick between a shiny mirror finish on the blade and hardware or a more low-profile and discreet grey or black look to suit a more modern style.

The handle material can also be swapped out between natural wood to high speed carbon fiber, and there’s even the option to forgo a handle embellishment entirely to pare things down to the elegant essentials. And then there is the ability to pick a decorative “tattoo” design that’s etched on the blade itself. There’s a wide variety of artwork, designs, and themes that can be added to every Deejo knife, giving you endless options to personalize the gift for every kind of dad.

If you’re looking to give your dad a thoughtful, memorable, and unique gift of an everyday carry knife this Father’s Day, look no further than a custom Deejo knife. Because every custom Deejo knife is shipped within two business days of your order, you have plenty of time to pick one up before Father's Day. You can browse Deejo knives and customize one for Dad at the link below.

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