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Aer Sling Pouch

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Aer Sling Pouch

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When it comes to EDC, slings strike a particularly sweet spot. They give you just the right amount of extra space to carry a few more essentials for the day's needs, but small enough that the sling won't be cumbersome even after a long day. Good slings let you do more with less, and the ones built for EDC are made to last. If anyone knows their slings, it's Aer. With a few slings already on the market and a mastery over materials and manufacturing for their other daily-use bags, they know what it takes to make a suitable everyday sling. And with summer right around the corner, the Sling Pouch is just the right lightweight addition to your EDC.

Thanks to a wide, flat design, the Sling Pouch is meant to stay close on your body. This allows for both better security and ergonomics, since it's meant to wrap around flush on your torso to keep your gear close, rather than rattling around when you're on the move. The design also allows a versatile loadout despite its 0.5” height; a sealed front zip pocket allows quick access to important essentials, while its main compartment has elastic and mesh pockets to help organize the rest. Flat items like a phone, wallet, passport, and power bank will be right at home.

The Sling Pouch also takes on Aer's signature design language for fit and finish, which means water-resistant 1680D Cordura nylon paired with heavy-duty sealing YKK zippers to ensure your gear stays dry. Zippers are fitted with Duraflex pulls for ease of use, while a slim, adjustable nylon strap takes care of hang time while worn. And at only half a pound by itself, the Sling Pouch adds a ton of utility without the extra baggage.

When it's too much for your pockets but too little to justify a daypack, a sling is there to save the day. Check out Aer's summer-ready Sling Pouch at the link below.

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