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Buck 841 Sprint Pro

Jonathan Tayag
Buck 841 Sprint Pro

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Buck is one of the most revered manufacturers of classic gent’s pocketknives, and they have decades of experience under their belt. But if you’re in the market for a more modern everyday carry blade, there’s a chance you’ve overlooked Buck entirely. Though many of their classic designs have stuck to the formula, their catalog has plenty more to offer. Take a look at their new 841 Spring Pro, for example. It’s a modern gent’s folding flipper blade design that features a smooth action, smart looks, and modern premium materials, giving it the chops to compete against contemporary competition.

Where the traditional Buck knife requires two hands to open, the new Sprint Pro can be opened quickly one-handed via the flipper tab in the handle’s spine. Buck also put ball bearings in the pivot to reduce friction, rapidly helping you get that blade open and ready. The Sprint Pro comes with a 3.12“ S30V stainless steel blade that has an impressive Rockwell hardness value of 59-61. That means that this premium steel can hold a sharper edge and keep working well beyond where old-time knives need to be sharpening. With a shape that’s a hybrid between a clip- and drop-point blade, the Sprint Pro has a strong tip for piercing and fine detail work, but it also has a saber-ground edge with a slight belly that makes it a good knife for utility tasks too.

Another modern touch found on the Sprint Pro is the beautiful marbled carbon fiber scaling found on the handles, with its distinctive red contrast point at the pivot. The carbon fiber construction isn’t just for looks, however: it helps make the knife light in your pockets, weighing in at 3.4 ounces in total. And compared to knives made out of more traditional wood and brass, the carbon fiber handles on the Spring Pro will stand up to rougher impacts and damper conditions in general.  When you’re done with the Sprint Pro, you can fold it up and make it disappear into your pockets with the removable deep carry pocket clip, no belt holster required. And where a traditional Buck knife makes you change your grip and use both hands to close the knife with a lockback mechanism, the Sprint Pro has a more modern liner lock system that holds the blade in place while being easier to operate at the same time.

The 841 Sprint Pro shows that Buck can deliver a great modern gent’s experience that leverages their expertise, while still providing the ergonomics and quality materials that modern EDC users like you demand. It’s a knife that deserves your attention, so check it out and pick one up at the link below.

Buy on Amazon: $127.99*

* Price accurate at the time of publication and is subject to change.

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saint_shinobi ·
That's a sweet looking knife! (Wallet jumps out of pocket and runs away)
Christoph ·
Hopefully a sprint run means better than average execution on a modern buck. Overall this knife has great design choices but others make you wonder why.
The grips end makes a more functional clip attachment point... that angle is awkward & defeats the bayonet deep carry.
When should a pocket clip be red?
That liner looks frighteningly thin.
Three things that kill my curiosity for an otherwise reasonably attractive knife.