My Keychain EDC kit

I always have being interested in having little gadgets or tools that can help me with everyday tasks, but also dislike to carry them loose in my pocket or in backpack since you might tend to lose them. From a couple of years I started to see this trend and EDC community with ideas and options to build your gear or kit, and realized that you can center most of your EDC on your car key chain, since come on, you always have it with you right??? ... so I started to look for trial and error which configuration would satisfy my needs and ended up with this in the picture. Made it around the Nite Ize Key Rack, in which I swapped the S-Binners that come with it with some generic mini carabiners I found in Amazon. The reason is that they are smaller and can attach them directly to all of the "tools" or items I want in the kit. In the picture is what I normally carry, but there are other items there that I just swap or add as needed easily since is just a matter of unclipping them from the Nite Ize KeyRack. Also is quite convenient since I own 3 4x4 SUVs plus a bike, yes I love to travel, ride and camp, and I just switch the KeyRack from any of my vehicle keyrings as I use them.

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