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Aside from the Gerber, I use all everyday. Generally use a Smith and Wesson much smaller blade.

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Not criticizing you at all, but just a few questions... why did you go with the SERPA?
From what I've seen, people either love it, or hate it. Its not allowed on most ranges, but you cant argue against it's level of retention.
Also, what the below poster stated, you don't carry a spare mag?
How do you conceal that Gerber? Its huge.
Hey sorry for the late response bro, I didn't realize that folks would respond so quickly. Serpa just felt comfortable for me, I know it's a love-hate thing but now I'm a loyal Blackhawk customer as the folks that started it we're from the same military Community and are great people but far more importantly, it helped keep me alive.I had to pull my conceal and cut fence and it kept me and others alive.
Also, I definitely carry an extra mags at all times. The knife I had out not necessarily an everyday thing I didn't realize exactly how folks were presenting their EDC.
Please excuse any grammatical errors as I'm using talk to text
You need some custom kydex, for whatever you are carrying. Ditch that SERPA., and include the gun & spare mag in your next post.
I will include the weapons from now on I didn't realize that's how things were done I'm brand new to this website and I'm figuring things out as I go appreciate the response gentlemen.
Hell yea man, show it all. I started with a SERPA during my military days too.