Pocket EDC

Firefighter (age 31)
Marseille, France
Lightweight EDC when i don't carry my bag

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After you first posted this, I ordered a set of those DH speed clips (for a Martin Swinkels sheath I purchased years ago). Had never heard of the brand before seeing yours. They arrived in like 3 days flat, fit perfectly, and definitely make it more user friendly.

That's exactly the reason I've been returning to this site - for years now. I admire the brag posts, understand the ad ones, and even tolerate the occasional spam ones. But to me, it's always about maybe finding something I've never seen or heard of, and deciding if I might want to incorporate that into my daily routine.
Thanks a lot . I share your thought about this site. DH make greats products , i found't equivalent product here in France.
Fan of the dicoria pry bar. Nice gear!
Thanks . Dicoria have different nice design for their pry bar