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RovyVon Aurora A23

Mikey Bautista
RovyVon Aurora A23

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Among all EDC products, few are as continuously innovative and groundbreaking as flashlights. Think of how the look and performance of an AAA flashlight from 5 years ago stacks up to one today—it’s no contest. Between LED technology pushing out more and higher quality lumens and batteries getting more efficient as they get smaller, it’s never been a better time to get into flashlights. This is especially true for RovyVon, whose latest light—the A23—pushes the limits of what an EDC flashlight can do. This latest generation of their popular Aurora series sets the bar the highest it’s ever been for a light of this size, with insane output and enthusiast features all in one familiar, pocketable, and affordable form factor.

The most remarkable and iconic feature any Aurora series flashlight has is its size, which is maintained with the new A23. At 76 x 21.5 mm (3“ x 0.85”) the A23 is only slightly larger than an 18650 battery, which in itself is already a great size for EDC. Within the IPX8-rated aluminum shell sits one of two LEDs. The first option is a Cree XP-L HD that can output an astounding 1000 lumens on Turbo before stepping down to 250 lumens in 90 seconds, and the second is the enthusiast favorite Nichia 219C LED which gives an eye-pleasing neutral white tint with 90+ CRI and up to 600 lumens on Turbo. Both LEDs have a Moonlight mode of 1/0.5 lumens respectively, which give a total runtime of 72 hours. A metal side switch handles the A23’s user interface, which also includes SOS and Strobe modes.

A new feature that comes with the A23 is the addition of a replaceable 600mAh lithium-polymer battery unit. It can be charged in 1 hour via the micro USB port built into the light’s tail, which lets it play well with your other everyday tech. And speaking of the tail, it not only ends on a flat angle for tailstanding, but cutouts around the “plateau” accommodate the USB port, screw-on removable clip, and slots for tritium vials for an exotic touch that doubles as a locator for the light. And with a mere 49.8 g (1.8 oz), the entire package couldn’t be easier to EDC.

With every generation RovyVon finds a way to keep their Aurora line fresh and every inch the modern flashlight. Pick up an A23 in your choice of LED from Amazon below, or order direct from RovyVon at this link for a custom order with trit vials.

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I guess i have to add to my flashlight collection.
White Knight ·
Decent advance again from Rovyvon.
Would only get it in advance of my A5 if there was a focus ring.
Surely their engineers can squeeze one in?
Michael ·
Not stocked at Amazon. Where can we find it?
Sarrienne ·
Heinnie Haynes in the UK will be stocking it.
White Knight ·
Ken Chung ·
It will be in stock at Amazon soon if you are in the UK, Heinnie Haynes should have it in stock now.
Mikey Bautista ·
I've updated the post to reflect another seller on Amazon with a few more stocks--otherwise they're still available at RovyVon's site linked at the end of the article. There was still stocks at the time of posting but I guess they got wiped out quick!
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