The PigiBak... A Truly Minimalist Wallet

Brian Masters
Ogden, Utah
The Next Evolution in Minimalist Wallet/Organizers Has Arrived

With the world in need of true convenience and simplification, a seriously minimalist design kickstarts a campaign to make 1 + 1 = 1

• For Apple and Android Devices
• Ultra-Minimalist Design: > 3mm thick
• Super Lightweight: > 7.5g
• Attaches to a case or just the phone
• Holds as much/as little as you need
• Kickstarter Price Under $10
• Patent-Pending Design
• Kickstarter.com Launch - 12/04/14

OGDEN, UTAH - Meet the PigiBak: a TRULY minimalist smartphone wallet that unites form and function to simplify your life, lighten your load and declutter your pocket, purse or bag. Seriously.
The patent-pending design of The PigiBak adheres securely to just your phone (Apple or Android) or on the back of your favorite case and holds as much or as little as you need - all without a separate, bulky, full-body phone case.

In short, The PigiBak puts everything you need in the palm of your hand!

Billed as “The next evolution in minimalist wallet design”, The PigiBak is the ultimate intersection of form meeting function in this popular category.

What makes it so different? The PigiBak lets you ditch your wallet or purse and put the items you need in the palm of your hand as your “stuff” rides “PigiBak” on the the one thing you never leave home without - your phone (Wallet + Phone = The PigiBak or 1 + 1 = 1).

Small (less than 3mm thick) and lightweight (barely tipping the scales at less than 7.5 grams), the patent-pending PigiBak is specifically designed to simply your life and lighten your load by reducing the number of things you need to carry with you everyday.

“I was inspired by the designs and ideas I saw coming out of Kickstarter.com. Heck, I even backed a couple of them, ” PigiBak designer, Brian Masters, stated, “but, in the end, I was left with same problems: 1.) I still had to constantly find and then carry two separate items - my wallet and my phone, and 2.) If I could attach the wallet to my phone it either blocked my phone screen or function buttons or was a full-body case that felt heavy and clunky in my hand reducing the style of the phone. The PigiBak resolves those issues in an elagantly simple, convenient and affordable way.”

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