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ThruNite T10T II CE

Mon Garcia
ThruNite T10T II CE

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There’s a reason AA-powered EDC flashlights are popular: the cells are common and easy to replace, and their size makes for a pocket-friendly package. ThruNite’s T10 series have always been a go-to for AA-powered lights, thanks to their ease of use and ability to maximize the potential of the battery. This year ThruNite have teamed up with knife-centric YouTuber Jeff Smith—also known as cutlerylover—for a fresh take on their recent T10T II flashlight. The new Customized Edition light comes clad in a new and more compact titanium body and features improvements that go more than skin deep.

Continuing the evolution of better and more powerful LEDs, the T10T II CE is equipped with a Cree XP-L LED, allowing it to push out up to 230 lumens in the same form factor as its predecessors. It uses AA batteries as usual, but new to this model is its accommodation of the more powerful 14500 rechargeable lithium battery, which allow it to maximize the potential of its LED.

Externally, the black knurled aluminum chassis of the T10 II gets upgraded to a ribbed and polished titanium on the CE, giving it more durability in a sleeker shell. cutlerylover’s channel logo is etched on the head of the flashlight to commemorate the collaboration. On the other end, the magnetic tailcap allows the light to stand flat, giving you an option for mounting on metallic surfaces or tailstanding for use as a lamp. It also has holes for a lanyard or a split ring, offering additional EDC options.

The CE comes with a new side switch that’s smoother and stiffer than its predecessor, addressing feedback from the community and minimizing the chances of the light accidentally activating in your pocket. A single click turns it on, and holding the button switches between Low and Medium settings with mode memory. Holding down the from off gives instant access to a 0.5-lumen Firefly mode, while High is accessed by double-clicking from any other mode.

If you are looking for something a little different in a sea of black aluminum flashlights, the new titanium ThruNite T10T II CE with its mastery of the AA platform and exotic new shell may be the light for you. You have a choice of either a cool white or neutral white emitter, and you can pick one up now one via the link below.

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Heatwol3 ·
Right on. There are so many better lights out there. This is nothing truly special.
Mark Roberts ·
Is anybody else ready for a flashlight without the strobe feature?! How about OFF and ON? I hate having to cycle through all the choices when what I need (right now) is a bright flashlight. I don't need to alert the Coast Guard to my position, or start a disco party, OR WAKE UP MY WIFE. I just need a flashlight to light up the floor in front of me so I can find my keys!

Also the reviews for this light on amazon are full of "this is a bad deal" - maybe EDC could watch posting stuff that when we go CHECK IT OUT we immediately say "Uh, no."