Pocket/Handheld EDC

Matt De Krypt
Tagaytay City
Simple. Gets the job done.

I use this when travelling from school to home.

My home is around 65Km away from school. It normally takes 3 hours one way. This means I usually get home at 8pm to 10pm. I need the lights.

Home is on a plateau around 660m above sea level. School is at the foot of a mountain around 55m above sea level. Weather variations at school are rapid and can cause dizzyness and colds. Temperature change is large both in scholl and when travelling, and I have allergies to temp change. I need the watch.

Schoolwork involves field works, like going to various farmlands and through fields of crops, mild to dense vegetation, and small forests. I might need to tie things together or find my group, hence the paracord and whistle.

Wallets are normally stolen because it is easier for pickpockets to get money instead of an object to be sold. I put my money in my shoe or underwear. Cards and IDs are in my wallet, but is nor ally in my bag and not my pocket to avoid theft, and so I can focus on my phone.

I also use this for general purpose malling, commuting, nights on the town, and etc. I normally need to mark things like plant specimen or other objects, hence the sharpie with a fine point.

The cutter is generally legal anywhere, and so it is ideal for a traveller like me. Knives in my country need to be 3.5in and below to be legal and not considered a weapon. For defense and other practical applications, I use the cutter.

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