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ZipStitch Laceration Kit

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ZipStitch Laceration Kit

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None of us know when we’ll run into trouble, but you can be ready with the right gear — especially in your first aid kit. If you happen to get a cut that is too much for butterfly bandages and strips, the ZipStitch wound closure device lets you non-invasively treat minor lacerations in seconds, wherever you may be, without the potential pain, hassle and cost of going to the ER for stitches. 

At only 1.5 inches long, ZipStitch is easy to carry and use. It’s a small product that can make a big difference when you need it. ZipStitch is an ER-quality wound closure technology available without a prescription. It’s 12 times stronger than stitches1 and offers better wound protection than butterfly bandages and strips. ZipStitch brings greater peace of mind to any situation: cooking, maintenance, hiking, camping, hunting, boating or exploring off the grid. It also makes for a great gift idea for anyone who is looking for the best tools to be prepared for unexpected emergencies.

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1.      Levi K, et al. Mechanics of Wound Closure:  Emerging Tape-Based Wound Closure Technology vs. Traditional Methods. Cureus 8(10); e827.  DOI 10.7759/cureus.827.

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I suggest that If the bleeding has already been controlled, the wound is clean, then I’d not ever attempt to close until after I got real medical care. Using one of these will not stop the bleeding, and the risk of my closing an infected wound is very high.
Period pads and Tampons are predictably absorbent and with a gauze bandage deal with most wounds. For the trickier gashes fishing line and a sacking needle with a good dab of antiseptic cream is plenty and you have the bonus of being able to go fishing with it. Win.