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Trending: TECBOSS Torch Lighter

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Mags Tan
Trending: TECBOSS Torch Lighter

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It’s coming up to that time of the year when the cold wind and rain are picking up, and it’s not a surprise that the TECBOSS Torch Lighter has been popular with our readers for Torch Thursday. Unlike typical lighters, a butane lighter is windproof and can deliver a much higher temperature with a focused beam. The TECBOSS Torch Lighter also has a large capacity for a pocket butane lighter, holding 1.8g of fuel at a time for up to 500 ignitions. The flame intensity is easily adjustable with a twist of the gas valve on the back end of the unit, making it versatile enough for a variety of uses, indoor and outdoor alike. The casing made of high quality zinc alloy is sturdy and the slim rounded design is pleasing to the eye and in the hand. It takes only a little push of a finger to slide the large switch up to get a light, and a safety lock prevents accidental activation during transport. Don’t be caught in the wind struggling to light a cigar or start a campfire, pick one up at the link today.

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I use mine for paracord singeing!