My Everyday Carry

Jared Avila
Student (age 18)
San Jose, CA
This is my edc for when I get home from school or on the weekends. When at school all I don't have on me is my knife

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Jared Avila ·
Forgot to mention also q-tips, waterproof matches (striker attacked to lid) and a cleansing wipe
Jared Avila ·
In my tin I have some small band aids in it. I also have some duct tape(cut it to fit in tin) I also have paper pins hair bobby pins and safety pins,and some medication
Daniel Griffin ·
Thanks! I've been thinking about using another tin to carry a small first aid kit around in. Yours sounds pretty complete so I'll use it as a reference.
Daniel Griffin ·
I'm curious: What do you keep in the Altoids tin? I have one I carry my glass wipes and ear plugs around in. Do you do something similar or are those just mints?