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Columbus, OH
This EDC Carry is completely designed to fit on my person. Everything you see here fits in my pockets comfortably. I don’t like a lot of bulk in my front pockets and this layout works since I carry most in my side cargo pants pockets.

The Yellow Birch outfitters Pockit Pro Classic carry makes all of my EDC items come together. I have everything here in one portable carry that I can transfer to anything I need. It organizes everything in one central location without having to dig in my pockets.

The Nomad lighting keychain cable has been great to charge my phone and other accessories over the years. No cords to tangle up either.

I usually use Field notes as my go to notebook of choice but decided to go with the Life Noble notebook. I wanted something that wouldn’t get too crushed in my Pockit Pro and the spiral binding and decent cover helps with it.

The Jibbon leather key organizer is ideal for me. I hate keychains and the awful jingle noise and this organizer takes care of that. I just needed something that would carry a few keys and durable enough to throw in my pocket. Much more compact than other similar designs.

My DistilUnion Wally micro is my favorite wallet of all time. I have carried this original Kickstarter wallet for 4 years and still works perfect. It had gained quite a nice patina as well. Ultra slim and easy to get to any card.

The Bigidesign Ti Click is one of my favorite machined pens. It fits nearly every refill and is retractable. Currently using a Pilot Juice up 04. The level of quality is outstanding and highly recommended.

The Blank Forces V2 Ti EDC Clip pen is the perfect EDC pen that clips right to my Polo shirt. The best feature of this pen is the ability to post the cap extend the length to a full size pen. There are also no seam lines to see at all. Equipped with a Pilot D1 slims blue refill. The level of craftsmanship here is near perfection.

The Keyport anywhere tool Moca II cord cutter is a perfect tool to cut any zip ties and cords.

The Lundquist Baby Barlow knife is the luxury item of this carry. This knife just features a nice portable design that doesn’t scare people to pull out and use.

My Aurora flashlight works well for me because it’s ultra small with decent power that fits perfect in my Pockit Pro. No need to worry about batteries since it is rechargeable.

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