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Istanbul, Turkey

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Phasmainmachina ·
Hi, I’ve got the same little Ladybug as well as the Tasman Salt, and they’re both great knives; however the Tasman is a difficult carry here in the U.K., because of the law regarding knives -it infringes in so many ways!
As does the Ladybug, but it’s very easily concealed, I use mine for work, it’s brilliant for cutting zip ties that are used for securing pairs of car keys, and mine is on a lanyard around my knock along with a Sharpie.
I lost it last year and I was devastated, they’re an expensive knife, but a work colleague found it in a car I’d moved, and I make sure it’s much more secure.
It’s a perfect keyring knife, proper EDC.
I’m digging that yellow Spyderco ladybug. I thought about getting the dragonfly version or the Tasman salt version. How do you like the ladybug? It looks fantastic btw.
Hello Kitt, actually I wanted a smaller Spyderco because of size limitations in my area. Dragonfly is kind of bigger version. If you're OK with size and price Dragonfly would be nicer I think. Thanks for your comment!