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Nashville, TN
You’ll find somewhat of a minimalist EDC pictured here. It’s my go to and if you see me, it’s what I have on me at all times. I choose the Glock 43 for its reliability and ability to be concealed easily. The CYA supply co. holster is my go to for the 43. It’s comfortable and holds about as good retention as I’ve ever felt. The ridge wallet is like a Glock to me. It’s not the prettiest option out there but more than handles the workload. I didn’t like the money clip option as I just needed something to hold my cards and ID’s so I removed the clip. I really dig the apple air pods. They double as my music vessel and my way to talk to people while I drive since it’s illegal to have your phone in your hand in TN! The KeyBar JR was my first step into the realm of key minimization and to be honest it probably won’t change. The CRKT minimalist is my backup to my gun for self defense. You’d be surprised what a knife can do when trained properly. Next I carry the case xx trapper. My dad gifted this to me after losing my deceased grandfathers trapper in an unfortunate situation. I use it daily and to me there is no better knife out there. Last but not least I have a carbon fiber money clip. This changes out to a stainless steel Alaska Bear depending on my mood. I usually keep about $200 cash on me for various reasons learned from an EX CIA contractor. Not pictured is a spare mag for my Glock 43 that I usually pocket carry with a custom made leather mag pouch. Maybe I’ll include it next time? The caption was because I need each of these items. Of course there are a ton of wants but at the end of the day, this is what I need and can depend on. Nothing more, nothing less. My every day carry doesn’t change much because if it’s not broke don’t fix it! If it does-I’ll update. Peace, Gents...

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Steven Johnson ·
Well thought out EDC!
Nice to see another Case Yellow handle edc pocket knife. Very cool! I carry one too.