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Trending: EASYANT EDC Organizer

Mon Garcia
Trending: EASYANT EDC Organizer

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With all the good stuff coming out this year, it’s easier than ever to improve your EDC with some high quality items. However, we all know that the more you add to your daily carry, the harder it is to keep in your pockets. While pocket EDC organizers keep things organized within your pants, sometimes it’s better to have certain tools within easy reach, and to free up some space for your other essentials. For this weeks’s Sheath Saturday, we take a look at the EASYANT EDC Organizer, a hand-stitched leather sheath meant to carry two of your most used tools, in a form factor meant for your your belt to loop through. It’s a small and compact organizer, measuring 5.98“ wide and 5.31” high, with slits that can accomodate belts with a width of up to 2 inches. The main vented compartment can accomodate most multitools, while the elongated side sheath is perfect for a pen or AAA flashlight. The scratch- and wear-resistant leather comes in a dull, unpolished finish, and is meant to get shinier and darker with use, giving it some character and uniqueness over time. Check out this nifty EDC organizer at the link below.

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Shawn Pistey ·
This is fantastic I’m really pleased with the craftsmanship of this EDC organizer. I really like mine for the versatility of being able to use different tools and differ t flashlights etc- use mine a lot. I’d highly recommend it to others.
Been doing the edc with this (Viperade brand) for over 4 months. Still looks new. Carrying an Olight Baton Pro and a Leatherman Free P4. Comfortable all day long.