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New York, New York
When walking down the streets of East Village, New York - these are the selected few things that fit into my pockets: Indeed, Evernote app works well on the smartphone, but a true observer requires proper stationary - hence taking writing instruments seriously. People with aspirations do need lots of blank pages to scribble down dreams, plans and beautiful sentences picked up. Hand-made English comb - check. Did you hear that screaming kid on the subway this morning? Well, I didn't, thanks to Bose noise-cancelling headphones and Spotify on my Iphone. With this device, I also take most of my pictures, so I would lie if I'd include my Canon G10 into this #EDC. No disregard to tactical tomahawks or fancy knives - but a city boy like me wouldn't be able to enter bars with them anyway, and honestly - the small Victorinox Classic fits my modest needs. Enough for tightening loose screws, opening envelopes and for performing that worst case emergency tracheotomy. Cards fit well into the well-aging Cole Haan leather wallet and a bunch of 20's in the money clip pays the cab-ride back home. A 1979 Rolex Submariner 5513 tells me what time it is and a pair of Havanna-brown Persol shades prevents the bright future from blending me... too much :)

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