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Trending: Husky Utility Knife

Mikey Bautista
Trending: Husky Utility Knife

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Though they may not have the style or steels of their slicer siblings, utility knives come with their own unique usefulness. They're always sharp and ready to get to work with their primary function of cutting, and when worn down or damaged, it's back to work with a simple series for replacing the blade. But it doesn't always have to be one or the other. A utility knife can come with its own flair without sacrificing its main function, like on today's Toolbox Tuesday highlight, the Husky Utility Knife. It's undoubtedly traces its DNA to your standard hardware store cutter, but implements some of the more useful modern EDC features to give it a fresh aesthetic that better fits the rest of your kit. This includes wooden handles with steel accents paired with black hardware which give it a traditional appearance, as well as a thumbstud and lockback mechanism more akin to more standard EDC blades. A safety mechanism secures its standard utility blades until it needs replacing, and when you're ready to head out, a sturdy clip keeps the tool close at hand for your daily slicing tasks. Check out Husky's unique utility blade at the link below.

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