Dango Bonanza!

Nassau County
I have been carrying my Urban Organizer for years. It's been a perfect companion - a home for my Zebra, RAT, Tinker, Field Notes/Passport, as well as a bit of cash in the back pocket. Then a few days ago, I got the GREAT news from the folks at Everyday Carry that I'd won the Dango DTEX Coin Giveaway! Each of the items I received is great quality - sleek, stylish and totally practical. All in all, a perfect complement to my tried and true companion.

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Dianna ·
How do you like the Dango Capsule? I’ve been eyeing it, but it looks like there would still be a big of coin jangling if you’re low on coins...
Terry ·
It's a weighty piece of gear when it's filled, so if you are looking to lighten the load, this might not be your solution. I keep it in my backpack so the weight isn't an issue. Every time I use it, it gets a "that's so cool" response.
33ww ·
You carry 3 wallets?
Terry ·
Not generally! I just wanted to share a look at the giveaway gear from DANGO with Everyday Carry fans. One wallet at a time (circumstances dictate which one) is plenty!
BigCountryScott ·
I’m impressed! Love the coin vault.
Montana Actual ·
Real nice.