Work From Home EDC - Quarantine Edition

New York, NY
First post here! I turned this into a YouTube video as well. Would love some input and thoughts on the pocket dump.

Also, not sure what brand the leather notebook cover is. There is a logo of a mountain range on the bottom right hand corner, so any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!

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craig b ·
This is great! You've put a lot of thought into what you carry, and it shows. Do you carry all this in your pockets? How do you like the Apple watch compared to a standard watch?
MrMartinez ·
Hi Craig! Thank you so much. I do carry all of these items in my pocket. I had the series 2 for a while but wanted to wait for a substantial upgrade before I made the switch. I do some fitness contests with family members so its fun and practical for me. If you're interested I did a video on this particular carry and the video is on YouTube. If you have a moment let me know what you think. Thanks again and have a great day!
craig b ·
I watched your YouTube video. I admit I know nothing about making one! Also EDC is so subjective I can't critique your carry, as you're obviously happy with it. That said, I'm a big fan of dedicated flash lights. What's something you carry around you are genuinely surprised by how much you use it?
MrMartinez ·
I don't carry a flashlight much, so maybe I'll give one a try. That's a good question and when commuting in and out of the city was allowed, I used the Heroclip Mini way more often than I expected.
Bobby Adams ·
Thank you for the share and the video. What is the cover that you use for your Cahier?
MrMartinez ·
Hi Bobby, thank you for watching! Actually I'm not sure. There's a logo of a mountain range in the bottom right corner. If you have any idea, I'd love to know as I got it as a gift.
Daneson ·
Thanks for having us!
MrMartinez ·
Awesome, and my pleasure because you guys are the best!