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Trending: Coast G20 Penlight

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Mon Garcia
Trending: Coast G20 Penlight

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The Coast G20 penlight offers a simple and affordable choice for a primary or backup EDC torch. It has only one mode: a 36-lumen inspection beam that’s clean and even from edge to edge with a beam distance of 72 feet and optimized for up-close use. This is more than enough for most situations when you need a compact light source. It takes the shape of its “penlight” moniker with its use of 2xAAA batteries to give you up to 10 hours of use, and its 5.7“ length mimics the length and shape of a mid-sized marker. This, along with the tail switch and simple single-mode operation, makes the G20 easy to handle and use. The water-resistant and splashproof aluminum chassis is IPX-4 rated, and the replaceable pocket clip lets you keep the G20 ready and within easy reach. This affordable penlight is a practical option that you can stock up on for pocket carry, stashed in your tool box or EDC pack, kept in your glove compartment, or stored in different areas of your house. Grab yourself one (or a few) at the link below.

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Adam Biddle ·
Coast's HP2 is a better light. Uses a single AAA and you can switch between inspection and spot. I switched after carrying their HP4 (2xAAA) for about 4 years.