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Rocky J
Photographer (age 35)
This is my on the go EDC. What a carry with me when I’m running to the grocery store or quick making quick errands. No phone because my Apple Watch/ AirPods takes care if that.

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I used to use a Carabiner clipped onto my belt loops to hold my keys, flashlight, etc. But after having one of my belt loops bust/break, I was extremely worried about losing my items clipped to it.so I've moved onto something else. I now have 3x FEGVE Titanium Belt Keychain holders that slide ONTO my belt, instead of the belt loops. Now I'm MUCH more confident that I'll NEVER lose my keys and other EDC items clipped to them. My Grip6 belts are virtually indestructible, so I know my FEGVE belt keychain holders aren't going ANYWHERE LoL!!! I really love them for a few reasons.

I have the "BK1 Promotion" and "BK2" models from Tisur on Amazon FWIW!

#1. They're extremely lightweight because of their titanium construction.

#2. They have a hole for a fixed keychain and I keep my tiny RovyVon A1X flashlight clipped onto that with a NiteIze micro-lock for easy on/off when it needs to be removed. I have the same setup for my Fisher Space Pen Trekker on the same keyring. And I have my Lincoln MKZ car FOB on the included titanium keyring, that I have clipped onto the removable Keyring holder.

#3. The really cool spring design that will likely last a lifetime because of its construction. So I can very easily, with one hand, remove and reapply my car FOB when needed.

#4. Overall, I think that they're worth EVERY penny of their sub-$20 pricetag. I'd even pay slightly more because of their genuis design and quality of titanium material used. And they're beautifully sand-blasted to have a super smooth feeling with ZERO sharp edges! So IMO, they're a great value too!

The FEGVE company also makes a really cool titanium multitool Carabiner that is only $22 for the smaller one and $27 for the slightly larger one!!! I hope this post/message is helpful to you, or someone else wanting to move away from the old school Carabiner design, to something more lightweight, durable, anti-lost and practical, so you never have to worry about losing your keys/EDC items because of a busted Belt loop ever again!!!

Search for Tisur and/or FEGVE 😉👍😎🕺
I have a question for you too! Do you clip the bigger S-Biner to your pants Belt loop, and then clip all of the micro-lock S-Biners onto that? Or do you have a separate Carabiner not in the picture that you clip everything onto?

I used
Nice! I love those NiteIze micro-locks and the bigger S Biner locks! I must have a total of 20-25+ of my micro-locks, and numerous S-Biners and Carabiners with the locking mechanisms. I have loved EVERY NiteIze product I've ever tried and owned and and I probably own around 50 +/- products of theirs, from the locking biners and Carabiners, to their "Bug" bicycle lights, to their new magnetic key holder with the locking Carabiner mechanisms for clipping onto your pants Belt loops. I have yet to buy a product of theirs that I DON'T like/love!!!

I also have a few Coach wallets too! I have acquired around 20 minimalist EDC wallets over the last 15+ years, including some very expensive and new technology EDC wallets with some cool factor to them, and my Coach Card Holder + Money Clip that holds like 6-8 cards and a pretty big wad of cash and is 16 years old (they were gifts at my sister's wedding back in 2004), as much or more than the rest of my minimalist EDC wallets. It's just tiny, simple, clean and elegant looking and does what it's supposed to. I've tried to replace it with a couple of dozen EDC, front pocket wallets over the last few years, and I still find myself coming back to that wallet. Sure, I have cooler looking and more expensive RFID blocking wallets, but the Coach one is perfect for what I carry and MY needs.

My Coach bi-fold wallet has seen about two days worth of use in the 10+ years I've had it, because the smaller card holder + money clip Coach is amazing and got all of my pocket time.