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Trending: GUS Mini Pill Fob

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Mon Garcia
 Trending: GUS Mini Pill Fob

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Wallet, keys, watch, pen, knife, and phone—these usually constitute what we think of as our EDC setup. But there are some tiny things, like pills, mints, or other small items, that we also would like quick and easy access to on an daily basis. For that, a small pill fob made of medical grade stainless steel provides the right carry solution. With an inside length of 0.85" (22mm) and an inside diameter of 0.45" (11.5mm), the USA-made GUS Mini Pill Fob’s size sits in the middle of the brand’s  original Pill Fob and their diminutive Micro Pill Fob. This gives it enough capacity to hold four standard 325mg aspirin tablets, enough to handle an unexpected headache while out in the field. Beyond emergency medications like antihistamines, it’s also a great way to bring around a mint or two, making sure you’re prepared for that next meeting or date. Anything you store inside remains safe, thanks to the airtight and watertight o-ring seal. The Mini Pill Fob carries unobtrusively on your key chain or as a necklace pendant, ensuring you have access to your little payload of meds or mints, wherever you may go. Check it out at the link below.

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